Dear [Your Name Here],

It’s been a long time. I’d stayed away for a while because I was sick of all the stupid memes and fandoms; I didn’t feel like it was for me. And I mean, really, it doesn’t matter whether I’m on Tumblr or not but I felt odd knowing that I’d left this ghost of past sitting here in the internet without so much as a speck of attention. There are ghosts of us everywhere we used to spend time, especially if while we were there we felt something. The funny thing about ghosts is, no one seems them. No one notices what isn’t there, except for maybe a strange chill or a moment of loneliness or a whisper of a memory didn’t know we had anymore.
All I know is, I’m sick of seeing ghosts.
And I’m tired of leaving them behind. So even if no one reads this or no one cares, I’m gonna try blogging again. Maybe it’ll clear my head. Maybe it’ll get rid of the ghosts. I hope.
And that is enough.
Sincerely, Anonymous


And we’re all whores, some od us just get paid

see I told you she’s hot


And we’re all whores, some od us just get paid

see I told you she’s hot

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tumblr user dismantledsummer is so hot




These men are my idols.

I really need to start watching them again. I’ve missed so much.

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In Poison Places, We Are Anti-Venom, We’re The Beginning Of The End

In my time spent creating and trying to create, I have begun to notice…well, accept something. The idea for me really came from a VSauce video regarding whether or not we will ever run out of music. From that video, there was a link to the video series “Everything Is A Remix.” That video series drastically changed my outlook on creation for the better. 

I create in order to connect with the outside world and share my perspective and my stories. Some people create for profit, other people create to make a point or convince people of something, and others create because it’s all they know. Maybe one of these applies to you, or all of them, or maybe none of them do. If you happen to be in the latter category, you’re welcome to stay, although I’m not sure you’ll get anything out of reading this.

For anyone left, I want to let you that nothing I’m going to write is new. That is the entire purpose of this. I realized that everything that is created now is a culmination, a recreation, a remix…the chord progressions have been used, the words are stale, the stories have been told, the conflicts solved long ago. Modern creators are rehashing the old to try and create something new. Some people see this as wrong or theft, but I don’t. I don’t create to be revolutionary. I create to communicate what I perceive as my unique experiences. And it is entirely possible that another whiny bastard exactly like me is doing and feeling and thinking the exact same way. There are parallels everywhere because we are all so similar. I typically don’t understand exclusion or complete dismissal of bands or genres or fans of those genres exactly for that reason. Maybe the way we go about it is different, maybe one of us is more focused on getting rich, maybe my message is more noble than yours…but it’s all just perspective. The song I wrote this morning is identical to the one a girl wrote 40 years ago. Does that invalidate the passion I put into its creation and what I want to communicate? 

This was originally about why everything is a remix…sorry, I lost focus. I guess my point was creation means what you put into it, regardless of how “original” it is. People criticize the abundance of “four chord” songs or songs that use the 50’s progression, but if the music is good and the message is there, how can you dismiss it? And I gripe about Top 40 songs as much as the next “counter-culture” kid, and I’m just as guilty of judgement as most people. I just wanted to hold up a mirror so we recognize our bullshit, even if it means we don’t change. I accept that I’m not original, anymore than anyone else is. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing what I love, even if I sound derivative to you. Maybe someone else will love it. 

My final point out of all this rambling is this: go out and create because there is no fucking reason not to. If you have a thought in your head, you can make something. Maybe what you make will be shit, but at least you tried to create something. In an age where anonymous destruction and criticism abounds, take the chance and make something. Communicate your perspective. Someone will listen. 

I promise. 


"There are no absolutes" is probably my favorite paradoxical statement.


I ran but you kept appearing behind me every time I paused to look over my shoulder and hope I was safe

I guess I’ll keep running and denying that this can’t go on forever; infinity’s too long to spend playing cat & mouse

Don’t spend these years, fucked up and out of your mind

Those years still running, in and out of my mind




Instead of doing that, we could:

  • not do that

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Big Kids by Lily

This is great. 

Oh my god.

I’m in love with this post.

I’m crying

And it all happens so fast.


seriously one of the most meaningful things ever written

This scares me

is it legal to marry a poem?

i just read this over like 7 times……………………….

holy fucking shit.

this is fucking amazing …

this is actually really fucking scary 

this is the best thing ive ever read

this reminds me of the poem in Perks of Being a Wallflower…

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Dude, Fuck This

So this is my rant about tonight. I’m done with this ridiculous process over and over and over again. What the hell am I getting out of this education? I can learn more about what I actually want to do with my life studying that on my own time with my own resources than I can about any of these subjects I do not need in a classroom. I’m tired of being overwhelmed constantly and feeling drained all the time. I’m tired of the things, of the people I love having to take the backseat to the endless stream of bullshit work that’s required of me.
That’s required of us all really.

Want to know why people my age are apathetic or why so few of us have visions of real change or hope?
We’re burned out. We don’t have the energy or the time to care or look forward to the future or have a vision for the world or even our own lives because we simply aren’t allowed to. The modern educational system (based on the public education system of Germany in the 1890’s) is flawed, and it is killing us. It’s killing me. And I’m powerless to stop it.

I’m too damn young, and I have too many good things in my damn life to be losing so much of myself to this antique of an education. But there isn’t a way out. So, for now, I will stand still and scream. I will stand still and sing. I will stand still and plan. And what’s the worst for them, is that I will be thinking. I will be creating. And together we will be things that they could never dream of.

Until then…dude, fuck this.



The girlfriend experience

> Any man who has ever had a girlfriend can attest to this.

> This is just too good. Animation, adorableness, substance. I really hope there are more of these.

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